local food BUYER'S GUIDE







Here is where you can find out who grows what, where they are, and how to find their food product. This section is broken out into various categories, to make it easier for you to search. The quantity, and variety of foods grown and produced here in our region is positively staggering. I'm sure we haven't managed to include everything, so we will need your help with these listings. Browse around in these pages, and discover new farms, and new foods. There's a lot going on in the Skagit River Salish Sea world.

Whether you are motivated by a desire to support our local economy, decrease the fuel burned to transport our food, protect our local environment, encourage the concept of more local food production in more places, or simply to serve your family the freshest and most flavorful food, we hope that we can increase your knowledge of the many, and varied resources available within our community.

Please send us any corrections or additions. Help us keep these listings as complete and accurate as possible. Thank you.

Another useful website to search for more food options is www.localharvest.org.